About the Yale Club of Austin


About Us

The Yale Club of Austin exists to help create a sense of community for alumni and students of Yale College, Yale Graduate & Professional Schools, their parents, and spouses in Central Texas.  We seek to:

  1. Promote and enhance the reputation of Yale University in our region
  2. Provide opportunities for members to stay connected with Yale University at social and educational events featuring alumni and faculty
  3. Promote education, intellectual inquiry and collegiality among members
  4. Assist Yale in identifying, attracting, interviewing and matriculating highly qualified applicants by supporting an annual Book Award for high school juniors and supporting the region’s Alumni School Committee
  5. Supporting the local area with community service


Board of Directors

Ana Mejia-Dietche - President
Michael Wilson - Vice President
Todd Waldman - Secretary & Treasurer
Albert Ntiri - Intra-Ivy Liaison & Marimba Extraordinaire

Please register on our club website for more information and to participate in upcoming events and programs.